Abstracts are due: 5pm, Friday 23 September 2022

Abstract Submissions

  • You will need to apply online in the appropriate division.  Go here for more information about the 6 divisions and for links to apply to each division.
  • To apply you will need to:
    – Fill in the abstract information online.  Please download the Abstract Template for information on how to format your abstract.
    – Fill in the nomination section.  All divisions except Case Presentations require you to enter information from your supervisor into the appropriate form fields.  The academic sponsor can nominate no more than 2 applicants in each award.   Information about requirements for a Case Presentation submission can be found here.  The nominator should provide the following information (this should not exceed 400 words):
    1. Your part in the research work
    2. Broad aims of the work
    3. Scientific merit of the work
    Please email any other relevant documentation to the submitted abstract.  If the work being submitted here has been presented or published previously, the applications should include copies of the previous abstract(s) or the abstract from papers that are published or in press (do not upload the entire published paper).  Please email the previous abstract to tow@neura.edu.au.
  • You can edit your information until you hit “SUBMIT”, at which point you WILL NOT be able to change your entry. If you realize there was an error to your entry you can contact the Tow Chair to request a correction; please note that no changes will be accepted to the text of the abstract itself after submission.
  • It is possible to make more than one submission; however each one must be submitted separately as an independent entry.
  • Please check your entry carefully before submission – missing information or not using the templates provided is likely to adversely impact your submission.


  • Applicants must have been formally associated with the hospital group within the previous 12 months to be eligible for the Research Awards.
  • Locum hospital staff or tenured university staff are not eligible
  • Each division has its own specific eligibility requirements as described here. Previous winners are ineligible for the same award.
  • Eligibility for each award will be determined by the Tow Committee, whose decision is final, and will be based upon the applicant’s status at the time that the relevant research work was completed. The Committee reserves the right to make no award in a particular category.
  • A person may only submit one application for each division. A first-named applicant may be eligible for more than one of the first five divisions, and may submit an application to more than one division; however only one nomination will be selected for oral presentation. Previous winners of the Award in Clinical, Open Junior, Early-Career Research or Nurse/Midwife/Allied Health Divisions may submit an application, but are ineligible to win twice in the same Division as their previous Award. Previous winners in the Case Presentations and Poster Divisions may be nominated for a subsequent award provided that the material is unrelated to that of the previous successful nomination.

After you apply

  • You will receive an automatic email to confirm we have received your submission, including a copy of your abstract and information you provided. If you do not receive an email within a few hours entering your submission contact the Tow Chair to make sure your submission was received and your contact details are correct
  • The person you have listed as your nominator will also receive an emailing notifying them of your submission including a copy of your abstract
  • In a few weeks (see the home page for exact date) you will receive an email to let you know whether your abstract has been accepted for an oral or poster presentation. Details about the judging process can be found here