You will need to apply online in the appropriate division. Click here for more information and application forms. 

To apply you will need to: 

  • Complete the application form and upload a MS Word version of your abstract. Please download the abstract template for information on how to format your abstract. 
  • Fill in the nomination section. All divisions (except Case Presentations) require you to enter information from your supervisor into the appropriate form fields. The supervisor can nominate no more than two applicants in each award division. The supervisor should provide the following information (limited to 250 words): 
    1. Applicants role in the research.
    2. Broad aims of the research. 
    3. Scientific merit of the research.
  • Information on the requirements for a Case Presentation can be found here
  • If the research being submitted has been presented or published previously, please email the links to the abstracts or provide PDF copies. 
  • You can edit your application until you press “submit,” at which point you will not be able to make any further changes. If you realise there was an error on your application, please email the Tow Research Awards Committee. No changes to the abstract itself will be accepted after the deadline.  
  • Please check your application carefully before submission. Missing information or not following the abstract template provided may adversely impact your submission. 


  • Each division has its own specific eligibility requirements as described here
  • Previous winners may submit an application, but are ineligible to win twice in the same division as their previous award. 
  • Eligibility for each award will be determined by the Tow Research Awards Committee, whose decision is final, and will be based upon the applicant’s status at the time that the relevant research was completed. The Committee reserves the right to make no award in a particular category. 
  • An applicant may submit more than one abstract, however they must be in different divisions and on separate application forms. Only one abstract will be selected for oral presentation. 
  • Applicants must be employed, have an honorary or contingent worker appointment, or be a student at one of the following organisations:

Black Dog Institute
Centre for Big Data Research in Health
Centre for Eye Health
Children’s Cancer Institute
Fertility & Research Centre
The Kidman Centre
The Kirby Institute
National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre
Neuroscience Research Australia
NSW Health Pathology (Randwick)
Prince of Wales Hospital
Royal Hospital for Women
Scientia Clinical Research 
Sydney Children’s Hospital
UNSW Sydney

If unsure, please email the Tow Research Awards Committee or visit our Frequently Asked Questions

After you Apply

  • You will receive an automated email to confirm your application has been received with a copy of your information and abstract, submitted. If you don’t receive an email within a few hours of submitting your application, please email the Tow Research Awards Committee. 
  • The person you list as your supervisor will also receive and email notifying them of your application and providing a copy of your information and abstract. 
  • You will receive an email on 2nd October 2023 advising whether you have been selected for an oral or poster presentation. Details on the judging process can be found here