Clinical Division


The Clinical Division is for a contribution on a clinical research theme by any eligible member of the hospital group.

Who should apply?

Researchers who are not full-time clinicians (e.g. research assistants) but have carried out research in a related clinical field.

At the time the research in this submission was done, were you:

  • engaged in full time clinical work (including Nursing, Midwives and Allied Health);
  • and/or undertaking part-time research on this project;
  • and/or enrolled for a higher degree (Masters, PhD, M.D).

The Clinical Award is an inscribed medal and a sum of money that at present is $1,000. The value of the prize is to be shared if a joint nomination is successful.

Additional Travel Grant – up to $2,500 will be available for travel to an international conference occurring outside of Australia, or up to $1,500 for a conference (international, national, or local) occurring within Australia and involving the presentation of the work for which the prize was awarded. The award must be taken up within 24 months of winning a Tow Award.  Retrospective travel claims will not be granted.

Clinical Division Poster Prize $250