Case Presentation Division


The Case Presentation Division is open to applicants who have been nominated by any of the programmes and associated departments of the Prince of Wales Hospital and Community Services, Sydney Children’s Hospital, the Royal Hospital for Women, and South Eastern Area Laboratory Service (SEALS).

Who should apply?

This division is intended for junior clinicians to provide a case presentation. The candidate must be nominated by their programme or department to be eligible. Applicants should have had some direct involvement in the chosen case, have completed no more than 8 years full-time since the completion of their undergraduate degree, and not yet completed advanced training.

Cases will be judged by judging panel on the day with emphasis on general interest and the interdisciplinary nature of the selected case, the mode of presentation and the presenter’s response to questions. The innovative use of multimedia in the presentation will also be considered.

The Case Presentation Award is $500.

Selection process: Each programme or Department chooses its nominee, often through an internal competition. The nominees then submit their application through this website. Applications will be reviewed by the Tow Research Committee and and the highest ranking four submissions chosen for presentation.