Tow_medal_books_inkCase presentation:

$500 Award

Clinical, Open Senior, Open Junior, and Nursing/Midwives/Allied Health Awards:

$1000 Award

Inscribed medal and hardbound set of volumes including past prizewinning entries

Travel Grant: Up to $2,500 will be available for travel to an international conference occurring outside of Australia, or up to $1,500 for a conference (international, national, or local) occurring within Australia and involving the presentation of the work for which the prize was awarded. The award must be taken up within 24 months of winning a Tow Award. Reimbursement for conference-related expenses will be reimbursed on submission of receipts in the name of the awardee.  Retrospective claims will not be allowed.

Applicants must give the oral presentation in order to be eligible to win.

Poster Awards:

$250 Award – two awards are given each year


  • The Tow Research Award Committee reserves the right to make no award in a particular category
  • Applicants must be present at the Poster Session in order to be eligible to win.